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Welcome to Piedmont Parrots!

Conveniently located in Northern Virginia, we provide healthy and happy feathered companions. We offer pickup in Gainesville, VA (approx 30 miles west of DC) as well as shipping via Delta Cargo and FaceTime for serious inquiries.

About Us

Owned and operated by Patricia and Kolin Galiano, Piedmont Parrots is a home-based, woman and veteran-owned aviary. 

As parrot enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the importance of providing the best possible care for our feathered companions. That's why we are committed to raising our parrots in a safe and healthy environment, with plenty of love and attention. We are passionate about educating our clients on proper parrot care, to ensure a happy and healthy friendship between pet and caretaker.


Available Birds

The 2024 season is wrapping up! Don't miss your chance to take home a feathered friend this year. See individual product listings for the most up to date information on availability for babies as well as adults that we are downsizing. 

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Patricia Galiano

Gainesville, Virginia


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