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Cinnamon Turquoise Green Cheek Conure Baby - Female

Cinnamon Turquoise Green Cheek Conure Baby - Female

Handfed female cinnamon turquoise green cheek conure baby ready now! She has just weaned and is in a bit of an independent stage, priced accordingly!


Our adults are health tested clear of avian diseases and all of our birds come with a health guarantee.


Fast facts about Green Cheek Conures:


- Lifespan of 25+ years with proper care

- Can learn to talk

- Extremely playful & love to hang upside down

- Native to South America

- Nicknamed "velcro birds" for their cuddly nature

- NEED time out of the cage and attention from the owner

DNA and hatch certificates and receipt with health guarantee are included.


Green Cheeks make great family pets, are good with kids, and are easy first birds. They're very affectionate, bond closely with their family, and will entertain you for hours hanging upside down, rolling over, and acting silly. They also can learn to talk and even say phrases like "hey baby!" and "I love you!". Like all conures, sometimes they can get a little too playful and decide to see if you're edible with little nips. They are a 25+ year investment so if you are purchasing as a pet primarily for your child please plan to bond with and take care of them after the kids head off to college dorms. I put a lot of time, effort, and money into my babies and reserve the right not to sell if I don't think they will be well cared for or end up rehomed.

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